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MSC & SCA Founders

This is a chronological history of our beginnings to include our founders who are in no small part responsible for what we are today. The title of founder is given to these individuals: Retired Colonels Bob Fields, Dick Ginn, Mike Girone, Dan Gower, Gil Jacox, and Ernie Rezendes, George Hammond, Earl McSwain, Jim Vinci, Ellis Hall, Gordon Moore, Carroll Ockert, Ernie Sylvester, and George Waters.

Earl McSwain VP & Founder
& George Hammond Founder

Dick Ginn
Founder & Historian

Ernie Rezendes Founder

Jim Vinci Founder,
Earl McSwain VP & Founder,
Johnny Johnson & Mike McGinley

Let us not forget who the FOUNDERS of this great organization are, and we owe them a great deal for their vision and hard work to bring us to this point.

Past Reunions, Locations and Principal Coordinators

2008 SCA MSC Reunion - San Antonio, Texas

2006 SCA MSC Reunion: 2006 MSC Reunion Photos

Post 2006 Reunion:
After many meetings, the study on the merger of the SCA and the SCS was concluded by a message from the SCS stating that they no longer sought merger possibilities.

We extend our gratitude to Ernie Rezendes, our first President, for his guidance in the establishment of an organization with great reunions, a sound financial posture, a scholarship program, and the fellowship of our past and present members.

A big thank you to Tom Hill for his assistance in the development of the application for corporate status and tax exemption from the IRS. It was Tom's son, a practicing attorney, who developed our Articles of Incorporation, revised our Constitution and Bylaws for sufficiency to meet requirements of the agencies mentioned above.

Appreciation is given to our first Treasurer, Jim Vinci, for sound financial management as monies earned or dues collected, made it possible to support some of the needs for reunion enjoyment.

To Edward Hollowell, our legal advisor for a number of years. When Ed retired we shifted our legal needs to a civilian attorney, Richard Klitch, Jr., the son of one of our association members.

2006 Reunion, San Antonio, Texas - Chairman Mike McGinley. The program agenda was followed through in the formal tradition. The support staff added barbershop/choral music at the final banquet, as well as a great dance band.

The following offices were elected:

President: George Krueger

Vice President: Earl McSwain

Secretary: Ed Hollingsworth

Treasurer: Jim Vinci

Board of Directors: George Adams, Melinda Deffer, Geoge Hammond, Wendy Martinson, Carroll Ockert, Ernie Sylvester, and George Waters

An extensive review of the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Constitution were conducted by George Waters, a member of the BOD. Recommendations were presented at the general membership meeting and accepted on 30 September 2006.

It was at this general membership meeting that the membership authorized a study of a merger between the MSC Network, Inc. and the Silver Caduceus Society.

The awarding of five one thousand dollar scholarships was made to applicants nominated by active MSC Network members. The Chairman of this Committee is George Hammond, assisted by Ernie Sylvester and Jim Hayes. This worthy program needs continuous membership support. Contributions to this program are tax deductible.

LTG (Ret) Quinn Becker was appointed an Honorary Lifetime Member of the Medical Service Corps. Betty McSwain was awarded an honorary membership in the SCA.

An audit was conducted during 2005 and 2006 by our Audit Committee chaired by Ken Lingle, assisted by Ellis Hall and Jim VanStraten, each resulting in favorable remarks.

Jim Vinci, Treasurer and Founder, had to reluctantly resign for personal reasons effective July 1, 2007 , and Jim Martin was appointed by the Board of Directors to fill the vacancy.

2004 MSC Reunion, San Antonio, Texas - Chairman Joel Batalski, assisted by Phil Swinney and Mike McGinley

At this membership meeting the following officers were elected:

President: Phil Swinney

Vice President: Gordon Hennessy

Secretary: Earl and Betty McSwain

Treasurer: Jim Vinci

This reunion, while successful and well attended, had trouble in its lack of acceptable accounting and management principals. The end result being the refusal by the Chairman to relinquish the residual funds to the organization on a timely basis. Unfortunately, legal intervention by the organization had to be taken against the Chairman to recover residual funds.

President Phil Swinney resigned and George Krueger was appointed by the Board of Governors to fill the vacancy.

2002 Reunion, Clearwater Beach, Florida - co-chaired by George Hammond and Ernest Sylvester. From this time on, an announced program has been part of the reunion agenda. This reunion will be remembered as the beginning of the United States Army MSC Association, thereafter known as the MSC Network, Inc.

At the general membership meeting, Bylaws and Constitution that were written by the Founders were accepted by the members present. The following officers were appointed as the first officers of this newly formed organization:

President: Ernie Rezendes

Vice President: George Hammond

Secretary: appointed at a later date

Treasurer: Jim Vinci

The original Articles of Incorporation of the MSC Network, Inc. listed the first directors of the organization as Col. (R) Ernest Rezendes, Col. (R) Earl McSwain, and Col. (R) James Vinci, and they served in that capacity until the first general meeting was held and directors elected.

The first Board of Directors was elected: Ellis Hall, George Hammond, Gordon Moore, Carroll Ockert, Ernie Sylvester, and George Waters.

Earl McSwain was asked to serve as Secretary and Betty McSwain to serve as Co-Secretary. They accepted and assumed the duties and as time progressed, they assumed the duties of Membership and such other duties as necessary.

President Ernie Rezendes directed that the process of obtaining a name and corporate status would be started by the Secretary, Earl McSwain. The process of obtaining a name and corporate status was followed by a lengthy application to the IRS for an exempt status under the provisions of 501(c)(19). Both applications were successful in the first submission. The official name of the organization, approved by the Secretary of the State of Texas was MSC Network, Inc.

2000 MSC Reunion, San Antonio, Texas - was chaired by Jim VanStraten. It was decided to carry on with the format started by Roy Brooks and his assistants at Fort Benning . With the help of Thomas Kistler, Ken Lingle, and John Conner they decided to go for the top. The reunion was well attended and all were welcomed by the Mayor of San Antonio, and speakers included the Surgeon General of the Army, the MSC Corps Chief's representative, as well as other speakers. This reunion hosted the largest gathering to date, with 317 enjoying the concluding banquet.

During the business meeting of this reunion it was proposed that the group explore the feasibility of forming some type of an association. An exploratory committee was formed to draft a Constitution and Bylaws to be presented at the 2002 MSC Reunion.

1998 Reunion, Columbus, Georgia - chaired by Col. (R) Roy Brooks. This was the beginning of a new format. Although only about sixty persons attended the event, there was a formal program of events. There were several entertaining and informative speakers, and despite the relatively sparse turnout the reunion was well received.

1996 Reunion, Las Vegas, Nevada - Col. (R) Marvin Nation

1994 Reunion, San Antonio, Texas - Col. (R) Marvin Nation

1992 Reunion, San Antonio, Texas - Col. (R) Marvin Nation

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