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As a reminder, all memberships, other than Lifetime memberships, expire at the end of the calendar year covered by your previous dues payment. If your membership is due to expire or you simply wish to extend your membership period, we suggest you consider renewing for a multiyear period rather than just one. There are monetary advantages to this for both you and the SCA. You also have the option of transitioning to a Lifetime membership if you are not already a Lifetime member.

The SCA Member List Online is only available to active SCA members and does not automatically share your email and home addresses, phone numbers or spouse's name. You control what pieces of information you want to make available to other members. Remember, there could be old MSC friend who is also a SCA member looking to re-connect.

Member Login Procedures:

  1. Go to the Member Login Tab under the Members button shown on the Home page
  2. Follow the directions on the Member Service page to login. Once logged in you can:
    1. Review your online profile by clicking on the link "View Your Profile" located in the upper right corner and make necessary changes to your personal information. Most important is updating any change to your email address. Click Save Information after making a change.
    2. Change your login password by typing a new password in the Password box shown in the Membership Information section of your profile and click Save Information.
    3. Review the information currently shown to other members when they view your name in the Members List section. Scroll to the bottom of your profile to the last line in the Additional Information section: Viewing Preferences. Only the boxes checked are shown to other members. Our system automatically shows your name and rank automatically. It is up to you to approve the release of the other information such as home address, email address, phone numbers or spouse’s name. Simply check all the boxes you wish to release to other SCA members and then click Save Information.

Thank you for keeping your SCA Member profile information updated! If you have any questions feel free to contact the Membership Committee Chairman Roger Williams at