In Memoriam

In loving memory of our fellow MSC Officers who have passed away.

Immortal God, holy Lord, Father and protector of all You have created,
we raise our hearts to You today for those who have passed out of this mortal life.
In Your loving mercy, Father of all, be pleased to receive them in Your heavenly company,
and forgive the failings and faults they may have done from human frailty.

The names of the deceased officers listed alphabetically below have been garnered from various historical records such as SCA membership files, MSC Memorial Service bulletins and, most importantly, input from individuals. If you are aware of the death of a fellow MSC officer not listed or if you have a link to an obituary not posted please provide us with that information by sending an email message to We want to recognize and honor the deaths of all MSC Officers regardless of their SCA affiliation.

Rank First Name Middle Initial Last Name Obituary
LTC Eric R. Abraham
LTC Daniel J. Acosta Link to Obituary
COL Edward S. Adams
MAJ William A. Addison Link to Obituary
COL John N. Albertson, Jr.
MAJ Norman Albrecht
COL Harold (Hal) E. Allen Link to Obituary
COL Gerald (Jerry) D. Allgood Link to Obituary
COL John W. Arnold
COL Ralph D. Arnold Link to Obituary
LTC Frank A. Audino Link to Obituary
COL Henry (Marshall) M. Austin, III Link to Obituary
MAJ Ronald L. Avery
COL Frank Axtens Link to Obituary
LTC Stephen Bailey
COL Thomas E. Baker
COL Michael (Mike) C. Baker Link to Obituary
COL Leroy M. Barber, Jr. Link to Obituary
COL Derwood A. Barker
CW3 Johnnie (Clip) Barnes
COL Richard A. Barrett
COL Garrett W. Barron
COL John A. Bastian
LTC Robert (Bob) A. Bates Link to Obituary
LTC Roger C. Baumann
COL Roy E. Baxter
LTC Ronald (Ron) B. Beaston Link to Obituary
COL Steve Beaudry
MAJ Tanya M. Beecher Link to Obituary
COL L. Fred Belcher
LTC George (Gus) T. Bell Link to Obituary
CPT James T. Bellew Link to Obituary
LTC Warren H. Belt
LTC Winston R. Bennett
CW3 Thomas F. Bennett
MAJ Kent W. Bennetts
COL William Bentley
COL Thomas M. Bethea Link to Obituary
MAJ Lawrence W. Biggs
COL Neal (Gene) Bischoff
COL Edward J. Black
COL Gordon C. Black
LTC Edward W. Blackburn Link to Obituary
LTC Frank E. Blakely Link to Obituary
LTC Edward C. Bland, Jr.
LTC Roland F. Bleich
LTC Frederick M. Bock, IV
CW4 Francis (Frank) Boisvert
COL Gordon L. Bolte
LTC Harry E. Bonner Link to Obituary
COL William L. Bost
LTC Raymond P. Bosworth Link to Obituary
COL Horace C. Bouchelion
CW4 Donald L. Bowling Link to Obituary
LTC Lester Boyd
LTC Ralph E. Bradford Link to Obituary
CWO Phil E. Bradley
COL Edward G. Bradshaw Link to Obituary
COL Fred C. Brand
COL Bruce D. Brandes Link to Obituary
LTC Clarke M. Brandt
MAJ Robert (Bob) A. Bratt
LTC Ted Brenner
COL John Brimmer
LTC Gary S. Brink
COL Arthur E. Britt
COL Paul R. Brooke Jr. Link to Obituary
COL Roy Brooks
COL George Brown
CPT Theodore (Teddy) S. Brown Link to Obituary
COL Joseph I. Brown Link to Obituary
COL H. Dale D. Brown, Jr Link to Obituary
COL Roy A. Bryan, Sr. Link to Obituary
CWO Floyd Bubb
COL Leonard Buell
COL Bill (Wild Bill) F. Bulla Link to Obituary
COL John Burman
LTC James R. Burney
LTC Benny H. Bush Link to Obituary
LTC Kenneth (Ken) P. Butke Link to Obituary
MAJ Mark Bynum
COL Terrence (TR) R. Byrne Link to Obituary
LTC Fred J. Byrod
COL Ben Cabell Link to Obituary
LTC David E. Cabrera, KIA Link to Obituary
COL William (Bill) Cahill
COL Thomas P. Caito
COL Raymond J. Caldbeck
COL Donald Callaghan
COL William (Bill) A. Campbell Link to Obituary
COL Henry (Hank) P. Capozzi
COL George Caras
COL Edward J. Carmick
COL Donald J. Carollo
LTC Robert (Bob) A. Carr
COL Charles Carroll
COL William (Bill) F. Carroll
COL James A. Carter
LTC John J. Casasanta
LTC Thomas D. Casey
1LT Landon R. Casillas Link to Obituary
CWO John Cates
COL Paul A. Cevey
LTC Ezequiel (Zeke) Chacon
COL John Chambers
COL Charles H. Champion, Jr.
COL Daniel V. Chapa, Jr. Link to Obituary
LTC Bill Charlton
CWO Dave Chase
COL Lynn Cheezum
LTC Gary E. Chesser
LTC Leon W. Childers Jr. Link to Obituary
CPT Randall (Randy) W. Christiansen Link to Obituary
COL William (Bill) Christopherson Link to Obituary
LTC Bobby R. Church
COL Roy S. Church
LTC James (Mike) M. Churchman, Jr. Link to Obituary
LTC Marshall W. Clapp
COL Scott W. Clark
COL Harry H. Clark, Jr. Link to Obituary
LTC Dennis L. Clement
COL Leaton C. Cofield
COL Milton Cohen
COL Larry W. Coker Link to Obituary
MAJ Ronald (Ron) M. Cole
LTC John R. Coleman
LTC Jerry B. Coleman Link to Obituary
LTC Virgil R. Coley
MAJ William (Bill) Collyer
COL John D. Colvin, III Link to Obituary
LTC Larry Comin
COL Joe Constable
MAJ Harold (Rod) R. Cook
COL Boyd E. Cooksley
COL George M. Cooley
COL Francis A. Copeland
LTC M. Nicholas Coppola
LTC Poe R. Corn
MAJ Jesse Cornett
COL Joseph J. Costanzo Link to Obituary
COL Owen D. Cousins
LTC Bruce W. Covell, Jr. Link to Obituary
COL Ameil Cox
LTC M. L. Coy
LTC George Coyle
COL Edward Crandell
COL Edward O. Crandell, IV Link to Obituary
LTC John P. Crawford
LTC Arthur J. Criswell
COL Bill Crites
LTC Alvin E. Crocker
COL Leonard A. Crosby
LTC Melvin Crotty
LTC Thomas L. Crotty
COL Kenneth E. Crow Link to Obituary
CW3 Eric Crugnale
LTC Charles L. Cumming
COL Will Joe Cummings
CW4 James Cunningham
LTC Earl C. Cunnington
LTC Susan I. Curry
LTC Robert (Bob) Daine
LTC David Danhouser
COL John J. Danielson Link to Obituary
COL James O. Darling
COL Barry Davidson
LTC John Davis
COL William J. Dawson
MAJ Al DeJesus
CWO Jorge Delgado
COL Richard W. Dempsey
COL Joseph P. DePonte Link to Obituary
LTC Mark W. Dick Link to Obituary
LTC Frank W. Dicker
CW3 James B. Dietz
CPT Richard N. Dixon
LTC Willie (Bill) M. Dixson
MAJ Gunars Dombrovskis
COL Fred D. Dowdy, Jr.
LTC Gordon Dowery
LTC John A. Dowless, Sr.
COL Ted Drotning
LTC Robert (Bob) C. Dubay Link to Obituary
CW4 Paul A. Dudash Link to Obituary
MAJ Richard (Dick) A. Durey
COL Walter L. Durr
COL Lloyd (Jim) J. Eason, Jr.
COL Gilbert L. East
LTC Reuben J. Eastwood
COL Frederick A. Eaton
COL Donald Ebner
COL Richard Eddleman
LTC Alfred Eigenberg
COL Mayo K. Ellingson
CW4 Robert B. Elliot
COL Robert F. Elliott
COL Bobby B. Emmons
LTC Alfred G. Emond
LTC Homer R. Empey
LTC Charles A. Emrick, Jr.
LTC Edmond J. Enloe, Jr. Link to Obituary
MAJ Walter F. Erne
LTC Charles H. Ertell
COL Robert Evans
COL Charles (Chuck) Eveland
LTC John A. Ey
CW2 Roland W. Fain, Jr.
COL Bob Fechner
MAJ Lawrence C. Feitz
CPT David L. Fenstermacher
COL Chuck Ferderber
COL Richard W. Field Link to Obituary
CW2 Donovan (Don) B. Finch
COL Ben Fisher
COL Cretin L. Fisher
LTC Barry Fitzgerald
COL Colbert L. Flanery Link to Obituary
CW2 Timothy M. Fleming
MAJ Chad Fletcher Link to Obituary
COL Paul M. Foley
LTC James Foster
COL David L. Fowler
LTC Harlan W. Fowler
COL Charles (Ben) Franklin
CPT Alvin E. Frederick
LTC William (Cliff) C. Freeman Link to Obituary
MAJ Harry T. Freeman Link to Obituary
LTC Ernest D. French
COL Loren N. Fryar
COL Gary L. Fuller
LTC William G. Fuller, IV Link to Obituary
COL John (Jack) C. Funk Link to Obituary
CW4 Daivd H. Fuss
MAJ Horace W. Gaines
LTC James H. Galey
COL Jattaka M. Gamman Link to Obituary
COL Harry Gans
COL Kenneth Garis
COL McLain (Mac) G. Garrett, Jr. Link to Obituary
LTC David W. Garvin, Sr.
CW2 Eugene H. Gasaway
LTC James M. Georgoulakis
LTC Joseph E. Gill
COL Ronald L. Gillespie
COL Robert Gilliam
COL G. Michael Girone Link to Obituary
COL Art Giroux
LTC Joe Goepper
COL Bernard L. Goldstein
COL Samuel Gottrey
CW3 John (Jack) W. Gouty
COL Frederick L. Greene
LTC Jeffery F. Greene
COL Patrick J. Greenlaw
LTC Robert J. Greenwood
LTC Johnnie Grier
LTC Myra I. Gulley
COL Jack N. Guthrie
LTC Howard Gutin
BG John (Jack) E. Haggerty
CPT Sajjad Haider
COL Ellis F. Hall, Jr. Link to Obituary
MAJ Herbert L. Halstead
COL William Hames
COL Charles Hamm
LTC John (Bill) Hammett, Sr.
COL Henry Hammond
COL William H. Hammond
COL George E. Hammond, Jr. Link to Obituary
CW3 Eudell H. Hannah
COL Louis J. Hansen
CWO George A. Harder Link to Obituary
COL Richard C. Harder
CPT Mark R. Hargreaves Link to Obituary
LTC John T. Harris Link to Obituary
COL Jon N. Harris
Chaplain Walter M. Harris Link to Obituary
LTC Edward E. Harris Link to Obituary
LTC Richard W. Hartzell
LTC Morris B. Haskell
COL William O. Hastings
COL Edward Haswell
CWO Jerrold (Jerry) W. Hatcher Link to Obituary
COL Richard W. Hauer, Jr.
COL Jeffery D. Haun
MAJ Charles B. Hawkins
COL Robert T. Hawkins
COL James D. Hayes
COL William (Bill) H. Hayes Link to Obituary
LTC Robert H. Hayman
COL Walter (Walt) R. Hays, Sr. Link to Obituary
LTC Billy Heaton
MAJ Alvin Hein
LTC Hans Heiwinkel
COL James G. Helgeson
LTC Richard F. Helmbold
COL Bobby K. Helton Link to Obituary
LTC Joseph W. Hely
LTC Calvin S. Hembree
LTC Cecil Hemperley
COL Clyde W. Henderson
LTC Frederick Henley
LTC Dale F. Henry
CWO Ernest P. Hensley
COL Everett L. Herden, Sr.
COL Robert L. Herek
LTC Richard (Dick) M. Heriot Link to Obituary
COL David E. Herman
MAJ William H. Herrick
MAJ Blanco (Skip) T. High, II
COL Guy Hill
COL J. B. Hill
COL William R. Hill
COL Harris R. Hill Link to Obituary
COL Robert (Bob) A. Hille Link to Obituary
COL Robert (Wayne) W. Hilliard Link to Obituary
COL Chet Himes
LTC Herbert H. Hinrichs
LTC Warren K. Hoen Link to Obituary
COL Timothy J. Hoiden Link to Obituary
COL Roger E. Holberton Link to Obituary
COL Chester Holloman
COL Garth H. Holmes Link to Obituary
LTC William K. Holway, Jr.
MAJ Alvin E. Hooper
LTC Charles O. House
LTC John Howard
LTC Richard C. Howard
COL Byron P. Howlett, Jr. Link to Obituary
COL Max E. Hoyt Link to Obituary
LTC John (Jack) E. Hrubetz
CW3 Charles W. Huddleston Link to Obituary
COL Harvey H. Hueter Link to Obituary
COL James Huff, Jr.
COL Lewis H. Huggins
LTC Roger Hula
LTC Robert C. Hulsebus
COL John Huncharek
COL Albert B. Hunt
LTC Howard Huntsman, Jr.
COL Robert (Ted) T. Hussey Link to Obituary
LTC Arthur Hyman
COL Eldon Ideus
COL William (Willie) M. Inazu Link to Obituary
COL Bob M. Inge
LTC Larry H. Ingraham
COL J. L. Ingram
COL Charles L. Ireland
COL Ernest M. Irons, Jr. Link to Obituary
COL Glen C. Irving
COL Thomas (Tom) C. Jackson Link to Obituary
COL Gilbert L. Jacox Link to Obituary
CWO David L. Jadlowski
LTC Joseph (Jake) Jakubowski
CWO Robert W. Jamison
LTC William (Ray) Jasper
COL Irving Jenkins
LTC William N. Jenkins
COL David Jentsch
COL Robert I. Jetland
MAJ William C. Johns Link to Obituary
COL Dennis H. Johnson Link to Obituary
COL Don Johnson
LTC William (Bill) H. Johnson Link to Obituary
LTC Reginald (Reg) A. Johnson Link to Obituary
MAJ Lisa M. Johnson Link to Obituary
MAJ Raymond Johnson, Jr.
COL George W. Johnston
COL David W. Jones
COL Fleming F. Jones Link to Obituary
LTC Lewis M. Jones
COL Malachi B. Jones Link to Obituary
BG France F. Jordan
MAJ Trevor P. Joseph Link to Obituary
COL Russell E. Julian
COL Paul T. Jung Link to Obituary
COL Richard H. Kaddatz
COL Jimmie Kanaya Link to Obituary
CW4 Fred A. Karkowski
CW4 Allen F. Kasten
LTC James R. Kearns
MAJ Walter H. Keim
COL Frank Kellel, Jr.
MAJ Edward F. Kelley
LTC Robert D. Kelter Link to Obituary
LTC Bill Kendall
COL Robert J. Kerrigan
COL Edward C. Kerschner
LTC Richard A. Kiel Link to Obituary
LTC Robert Kimball
LTC Cletus King
CWO W.B. (Foxie) King
COL Charles R. Kinney
COL John Kisel
COL Grover C. Kistler
COL Paul F. Kittinger Jr. Link to Obituary
COL Robert E. Kleber Link to Obituary
CWO Gary Klein
LTC Richard H. Klitch, Sr.
COL Joseph (Joe) L. Koch
MAJ Robert M. Koors Link to Obituary
COL Thomas (Tom) H. Korte
COL Robert Kreidinger
COL Edward Krise
COL Carl J. Kroehn
LTC Arthur J. Kropp
COL Thaddeus (Thad) A. Krupka Link to Obituary
LTC Earl Kuchera
LTC Myers R. Kurtz
MAJ James E. Kuza
COL James (Jimmy) LaCombe
COL George (Jay) J. Lafleur Link to Obituary
COL James (Jim) P. Laible
COL Robert (Bob) Laing
LTC James E. Lamport
MAJ Joseph Langer
COL Marsha A. Langlois Link to Obituary
LTC Daniel Lanier, Jr.
LTC John (Neil) M. Lankford
LTC Sean T. Lankford Link to Obituary
COL Joseph A. Lapiana
COL Harold Larson
LTC James E. Lasater
COL Dennis B. Latimer
COL John T. Leddy, Jr.
COL Joseph Lemire
COL John (Jack) N. Leone Link to Obituary
COL Michael B. Lester Link to Obituary
COL Fred Level, Jr.
COL Fred Leven
COL Paul Levesque
LTC Charles H. Lewis
LTC James H. Lindahl Link to Obituary
COL Kenneth (Ken) C. Lingle Link to Obituary
LTC Melvin (Mel) E. Liter Link to Obituary
CW3 James R. Little
CW2 Clint Liverman
LTC Scott Livingston
LTC Vernon H. Loisel
COL Alan Love
LTC William (Bill) C. Lowery Link to Obituary
LTC Vance A. Loy
LTC Thomas (Sam) S. Luckey
COL Cliff Luehrs
LTC George F. Lull, III Link to Obituary
COL Nelson Lund
COL Earl (Mac) MacCandless
MAJ Robert L. Mack, Sr.
MAJ Gary E. Madden
LTC Donald F. Maeder
MAJ William R. Magill Link to Obituary
MAJ Patrick H. Maher
LTC James V. Mahoney, Jr.
COL Earl B. Mally, Jr. Link to Obituary
LTC Arthur Manaro
COL Frederick (Rick) J. Manning Link to Obituary
LTC Robert Manoil
LTC Joseph P. Mansfield
COL Thomas Mathews
COL Robert (Bob) Mathias
COL John E. Mathis
MAJ Henry S. Matthews, III
LTC Paul (Brent) B. Maykuth Link to Obituary
COL Robert A. Mays, Jr.
COL James McArthur
COL Robert (Rob) J. McAuley, Jr. Link to Obituary
MAJ John C. McBroom
COL Joe McCaffrey
CWO Gordon F. McClain, Jr.
LTC Warner D. McClure
LTC Monique McCoy
LTC Donald McEwan
COL James T. McGibany, Jr. Link to Obituary
LTC Sammy McGough
COL Francis (Frank) McGrath
COL Jettaka McGregor Gammon Link to Obituary
LTC John (Jack) C. McIlrath
MAJ Eugene J. McIntyre
LTC Edgar W. McIver
COL Francis (Frank) McKeever Link to Obituary
LTC Lowell (Pat) P. McKelvey Link to Obituary
MAJ Vincent H. McLaughlin
LTC Robert (Pat) McMahon Link to Obituary
LTC John (Jack) J. McMenamin Link to Obituary
COL Ronald (Ron) L. McNabb Link to Obituary
COL Earl C. McSwain, Jr. Link to Obituary
COL Robert D. McWilliam
COL Seymour (Sy) Meadows
COL Joseph P. Medrano
COL Richard E. Meiers
COL Emil (Mickey) F. Meis, III Link to Obituary
MAJ Glen A. Melton
LTC Robert K. Mercado
COL John L. Midkiff Link to Obituary
COL John A. Mikuluk
COL Gayland Miles
COL Vandy L. Miller Link to Obituary
COL Freddie Jim Mills Link to Obituary
LTC Conan H. Millstein
COL Lewis C. Miner Link to Obituary
LTC James A. Moa Link to Obituary
COL Melvin E. Modderman
LTC Harold N. Mogford
COL John A. Moloney, Jr.
COL Hershell L. Moody Link to Obituary
COL A. Gordon Moore Link to Obituary
LTC Clayton H. Moore Link to Obituary
CW4 James A. Moore
LTC Robert T. Moore
LTC William (Bill) E. Moore
COL Homer B. Moran, Sr. Link to Obituary
COL John G. Morgan
BG Manley G. Morrison Link to Obituary
LTC Edgar F. Mote
LTC Charles Motson
COL Lou Mueller
COL Gregory P. Mulligan
LTC B. K. Mulrenin
LTC Patrick J. Mumma
LTC Jack W. Munson
LTC Donald G. Murphy Link to Obituary
LTC Paul W. Murphy
LTC Robert (Jerry) Murphy
COL Paul H. Myers
COL Robert J. Myers Link to Obituary
COL William J. Myers
COL Donald A. Myles Link to Obituary
COL Jesse N. Nason
COL Marvin Nation
CW3 Ronald G. Nelson
MAJ Christian Nelson Link to Obituary
MAJ Robert (Bob) K. Newhouse Link to Obituary
LTC Forest P. Newman
COL Mac C. Newman
COL Harry B. Nicely, Jr.
COL Bertram A. Nicholas, Jr. Link to Obituary
LTC James H. Nichols
COL Robert Nichols
LTC Daniel W. Nicholson
LTC William C. Nitz, Jr.
COL Herbert A. Noe
LTC Oliver L. Norell, Jr.
LTC Frank P. O'Donnell Link to Obituary
COL Donald O’Haver
COL William B. O’Neill
COL Orlyn Oestereich
COL LeRoy H. Olander, Jr.
COL Clarence Olson
COL James H. Ostrander
COL Charles C. Otterstedt
LTC Robert K. Overend Link to Obituary
COL Andrew Packo, Jr.
Jim Page
COL Albert E. Parker
LTC David A. Parker
COL Joseph Pastore
LTC David B. Peduto
LTC Phil Pemberton
LTC Samuel H. Pemberton
MAJ Walter Peppers
2LT Emily J.T. Perez, KIA Link to Obituary
LTC John E. Persons
COL Pete Petrini
MAJ Kris Pettigrew
COL William (Bill) W. Pickard Link to Obituary
LTC George L. Pierce
COL Charles (Chuck) Piercey
COL Thurman (Monk) M. Pittman Link to Obituary
COL Luis Pla
LTC James L. Pleasants
COL Sam A. Plemmons
COL Gerald (Don) D. Poe Link to Obituary
LTC Robert A. Poksay
LTC Ronny E. Porta Link to Obituary
COL Kenneth N. Ports
COL William L. Posey
COL Robert (Bob) J. Poux, Jr. Link to Obituary
COL Edward J. Preston Link to Obituary
LTC Arlie Price
LTC Larry E. Primeaux
COL Dino J. Pulcini
COL Earl D. Raab
COL Douglas H. Rabren
COL Foster G. Ramsey
LTC James (Jim) A. Rasmusson
COL Volney H. Rattan Link to Obituary
COL Robert M. Read
COL David E. Redman
COL John Redmond
COL James W. Reiber
COL Lawrence M. Reichard Link to Obituary
COL Todd Reineck
COL Theodore (Todd) C. Reineck Link to Obituary
COL Ted H.T. Reinsch Link to Obituary
COL Ernest (Ernie) F. Rezendes Link to Obituary
LTC Joyce A. Rice Link to Obituary
COL James T. Richards
LTC Ronald L. Ritter
CW4 William (Bill) A. Robertson
COL George (Shack) S. Robinson Link to Obituary
LTC Frank Rochelle
COL Donald C. Rocke
COL Richard N. Roerig
COL John E. Rogers
COL Robert (Bob) Romines Link to Obituary
CWO Eugene Ross
COL Mossman Rouche
LTC Robert D. Roussin
LTC Lemuel A. Rowlette
LTC Marian Rutkowski
COL Ray Salmon
LTC Robert (Bob) D. Salzman Link to Obituary
LTC Edward (Chip) Sanford
COL Martin (Marty) W. Sargent
LTC Joseph S. Sawa
COL James R. Sawyer
CW4 Domonick G. Scarpati
COL Albert L. Schiavone
COL William E. Schlarb
CW3 Chester A. Schmidt
LTC Henry (Hank) A. Sebastian
LTC Herb See
COL Robert (Bob) F. Seedlock Link to Obituary
COL Sam T. Seeley Link to Obituary
LTC Victor A. Seely
MR. Larry E. Segesman Link to Obituary
CWO Jim Sellers
COL Keith O. Shafer
COL William J. Shaffer
COL Mike Shannon
LTC Dale Shaw
CW4 John P. Sheehan
LTC Thomas M. Sheffield
LTC Denis F. Sheils
LTC George Sherman
LTC Thomas E. Short
COL John Sierra
LTC Robert (Bob) G. Sikora Link to Obituary
COL Douglas (Doug) J. Silvernale Link to Obituary
LTC Armond (Si) C. Simmons
COL William Simpkins
MAJ Samuel Simpson
COL Wayne Simpson
LTC Frank G. Sitton
COL Mike Skvork
COL Dana S. Slack
COL Jack R. Slayton Link to Obituary
LTC Dwight (Paddlefoot) Sloan
LTC Carl E. Smith
COL Fred B. Smith
COL Glenn N. Smith
COL Grayson Smith
COL Jack S. Smith
LTC Peter P. Smith
LTC Thomas C. Smith
COL John T. Snell
LTC David A. Soberg
MAJ Charles R. Soltes, KIA, Jr. Link to Obituary
COL George A. Sommers Link to Obituary
LTC Charles (Chuck) A. Sorber Link to Obituary
COL Wayne B. Sorensen
LTC John (Jack) R. Souter
CWO Scott R. Sovocool
LTC Stephen R. Speights
LTC Ralph Spencer
COL William Spencer
COL Jerry Sperling
LTC Wayne A. St. Pierre Link to Obituary
COL Joseph N. Stabile
COL Richard Stacey
CW2 Steven D. Staley
LTC William J. Standifer
LTC David L. Stanley Link to Obituary
COL Marshall Steinberg
COL Elwood (Larry) L. Stephens
LTC Charles (Al) A. Stewart, Jr.
COL Frank E. Stillman
LTC Andrew A. Storey
COL Jack P. Story, Jr. Link to Obituary
MAJ James Stout
MAJ Bill Strawn
COL Daniel (Dan) A. Strickman
LTC William M. Strider Link to Obituary
CW3 Scot W. Sturzebecker
MAJ James (Jim) E. Sugar Link to Obituary
LTC Gerald B. Swenson
COL Ernie J. Sylvester Link to Obituary
LTC Peter L. Tancredi Link to Obituary
COL Edward J. Taylor, Jr. Link to Obituary
CPT John R. Teal, KIA Link to Obituary
COL John Temperilli Link to Obituary
LTC Robert Templer, MAC
COL Charles E. Thomas Link to Obituary
COL Robert W. Thomas
COL Tommy Thomas
COL Dale Thompson
MAJ George E. Thompson
COL Helmer Thompson
CPT Kenneth J. Thor
COL Joseph A. Thornton Link to Obituary
LTC Michael (Mike) H. Todd Link to Obituary
LTC Edward A. Torkilson Link to Obituary
LTC Gerald (Jerry) E. Tower Link to Obituary
LTC Thomas R. Treece Link to Obituary
LTC John Turbish
CW2 Henry (Ray) R. Turek
COL Milton E. Turner Link to Obituary
COL Robert (Bob) B. Tweito Link to Obituary
COL Edward (Ed) H. Uemura Link to Obituary
COL William B. Urosevich
LTC Robert T. Usry
COL Alex W. Valadez
COL James (Jim) W. Vallandingham
COL Robert E. Van Gilder
COL Thomas C. Veach
MAJ J. D. Vinci, MAC
LTC Karen J. Wagner, KIA Link to Obituary
COL George H. Wahl Link to Obituary
COL Herman (Hymie) A. Walker
COL James F. Walker
COL Johnny M. Walker Link to Obituary
LTC Marvin E. Walker, II
CW4 Fred A. Walker, Jr.
COL Jack D. Wallace
COL Donald Waller
COL Fred L. Walter Link to Obituary
CW2 Perry Walz
COL Robert T. Wangemann
COL John J. Ward
COL John W. Ward
COL Charles W. Washington, Jr. Link to Obituary
LTC John Waters
MAJ William W. Watkins
COL Richard T. Weatheral
COL Joseph U. Weaver, Jr.
LTC Henry B. Webb
COL Charles L. Webb Link to Obituary
COL Richard Webb, III
COL William M. Wegner
LTC Raymond H. Weisskopf
COL E.E. (Randy) Welch
COL Floyd B. Wells
COL Paul J. Wentworth
COL Samuel (Roger) R. Wetherill, III Link to Obituary
LTC Kenneth K. Wheatley, Sr.
COL Allen D. Whisenant Link to Obituary
LTC John J. White Link to Obituary
MAJ Lloyd A. White
1LT Ashley White Stumpf, KIA Link to Obituary
COL Robert (Bob) O. Whitmore
COL Thomas C. Whitsell Link to Obituary
LTC H.F. Wiatrowski
COL Alvie Widdefield
MAJ David W.L. Wik
LTC William A. Wilcox
LTC Larry W. Wild Link to Obituary
COL Wendell R. Wilkin
MAJ David L. Willard
COL Charles Williams
COL Elliotte J. Williams
COL Glen M. Williams
COL John O. Williams
COL John (Pete) A. Williams Link to Obituary
MAJ Herman (Butch) Willis
LTC Robert (Bob) H. Willis
COL Claude L. Wilson
COL Jack R. Wilson, II Link to Obituary
MAJ Burrell W. Wingo
MAJ Jack L. Wofford
LTC Perry L. Wolf, III
MAJ Ming F. Wong Link to Obituary
LTC Ronald (Woody) Woodward
COL Elwood Wright
COL Lester J. Wright
COL Bernard S. Wysocki
BG James J. Young Link to Obituary
COL James R. Young Link to Obituary
LTC Bruce C. Zenk
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